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Find New Customers - White Paper

Free White Paper: How to Find New Customers

New Customers are the lifeblood of business. These white papers will teach you how to acquire new customers using B2B lead generation strategies. We even offer the highly acclaimed white paper, How to Find New Customers in both English and Portuguese. 

New customers grow future revenues, increase market share and provide cash flow. Yes, selling existing clients is easier and you should certainly do that. But to cede the market to competitors is a big mistake.

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Guide to Making Quota - White Paper

Free White Paper: The Definitive Guide to Making Quota

If you are a sales leader and you read CSO Insights, you know the dilemma. Here' what Jim Dickie of CSO Insights said to me.

Jim said "It's like being unable to jump 6' 3", then they raise the bar to 6' 8'. If we could not jump 6' 3", why do they think we might jump 6' 8"?"

In this white paper, 5 of the top sales experts share their insights into this new and challenging world of sales.

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Moving From Transactional to Conversational Email - White Paper

Free White Paper: Moving from Transactional to Conversational email

Email is the lynchpin of B2B lead generation strategies. Learn fresh ideas for engaging prospects with this free white paper.

Learn from experts from companies like ExactTarget, e-Dialog, Radian6, Visible Technologies and the like. Get the six Action Items to do now

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Download B2B Lead Generation Strategy e-Books
Find New Customers - White Paper

Free e-Book: The State of Inbound Marketing by HubSpot

HubSpot surveyed and found some remarkable results by companies focusing on inbound marketing. For example, sales-ready leads cost a whopping 60% less when generated from inbound rather than outbound marketing.

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Guide to Making Quota - White Paper

Free e-Book: 20 Tips for Improving Email by Marketo partner Strongmail

Email is the primary way businesses connect with customers and prospective buyers. This ebook covers tips and ideas on how to best make this work for you.

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Moving From Transactional to Conversational Email - White Paper

Free e-Book: Prospect-Driven Marketing by Arthur Germain and Jeff Ogden

The new eBook, Prospect Driven Marketing, is a quick guide to the realities of B2B lead generation today. Highly recommended!

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How is B2B Lead Generation Strategies from Find New Customers Different?

The best way to explain how we differ from other alternatives in B2B lead generation is to use an analogy.

Let's say you want to lose weight and get in shape. (with 8 out of 10 B2B sellers saying the lack of quality sales lead generation is their #1 problem - lots are overweight.)

You have lots of options:

* Join a gym
* Enroll in a weight loss service like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig
* Buy a treadmill
* Sign up for a sports league
* Change your diet

But the real question you are asking is "What's the best approach for me to lose weight and get in shape?"

Each one of those will say "we're the best." But not a personal trainer. A personal trainer gets to know you and your body type. She has expertise and certifications. She recommends what works best for you and follows your progress, fine tuning as the data comes in.

It's the same in the world of B2B lead generation marketing. Lots of folks say they have the lists, software, websites, etc. you need to implement B2B lead generation strategies and drive high quality B2B sales leads. But what really works for YOU? Only an independent B2B marketing expert has your best interest in mind.

I suggest you hire the Personal Trainers, the BtoB Lead Generation experts, at Find New Customers. To learn more about specifics about how, visit How We Help You.

Don't you want the right program for YOU


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