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The Top 50 Get Out of Debt Blogs To Watch In 2009

Top 50 Get Out Of Debt Blogs To Watch In 2009
The Top 50 Get Out of Debt Blogs To Watch In 2009

Money may not equal happiness, but a life without money definitely equals unhappiness. Tough economic times have left many small business owners in debt and more importantly, without direction. As such, we at EvanCarmichael.com have scoured the Internet to compile a list of the most informative blogs to help entrepreneurs with their money making efforts. The Top 50 Get Out Of Debt Blogs To Watch In 2009 listed below will equip small business owners with the tools needed to bail themselves out of debt today. Enjoy!

All About the Money

1) The Simple Dollar
URL: http://www.thesimpledollar.com

The Simple Dollar is an exploration of personal finance from the perspective of a late-twentysomething who just realized that he needs to get a grip on his money. He used to be a spending maniac. He's doing better. Sometimes.

2) Five Cent Nickel
URL: http://fivecentnickel.com

Five Cent Nickel is a personal finance blog with a very personal view of topics such as credit cards, debt, estate planning, identity theft, inflation, the economy, insurance, investing, mortgages, retirement, and saving.

3) My Two Dollars
URL: http://mytwodollars.com/

My Two Dollars offers personal finance for the rest of us - saving, investing, paying off debt, student loans - for regular people!

4) My Dollar Plan
URL: http://www.mydollarplan.com/

My Dollar Plan is a personal finance site focused on retirement planning, college savings, investing, tax strategies, financial goals, credit and budgeting.

5) Give Me Back My Five Bucks
URL: http://krystalatwork.blogspot.com/

Give Me Back My Five Bucks is one recent college graduate's journey out of debt, and into the sexy world of financial independence, one dollar at a time.

General Personal Finance

6) WalletPop
URL: http://www.walletpop.com/blog

WalletPop is AOL's consumer finance site, helping you get a little "pop" to your wallet. They blog about saving money, reducing debt, enhancing your finances, and consumer rip-off scams.

7) Wise Bread
URL: http://wisebread.com

Wise Bread is an online community offering tips and support regarding personal finance, credit card debt, frugal living and other advice that make life easier.

8) Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
URL: http://www.bargaineering.com/articles

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity is a personal finance blog discussing matters of shopping, insurance, investing, retirement, loans, credit cards, mortgages, bargain hunting and a host of other relevant topics.

9) All Financial Matters
URL: http://allfinancialmatters.com/

All Financial Matters is a personal finance blog dedicated to discussing such topics as budgeting, asset allocation, 401K, IRA, cash flow, insurance, financial planning, portfolio management, and more.

10) FIRE Finance
URL: http://firefinance.blogspot.com/

FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) Finance is a top personal finance and investing blog for early retirement and money management.

11) Money Smart Life
URL: http://moneysmartlife.com/

This site is built on the philosophy that we should use money to live our lives, instead of living our lives around money. That is the Money Smart Life.

12) Tough Money Love
URL: http://toughmoneylove.com/

Tough Money Love offers personal finance commentary and education on “tough love” solutions to personal and family money problems.

13) Blunt Money
URL: http://bluntmoney.com/

Blunt Money is a blog that covers topics such as getting out of debt, credit health and credit cards, insurance, kids and money, money saving ideas, organizing and decluttering, retirement, savings and investments, taxes, and simple living.

14) Fat Pitch Financials
URL: http://www.fatpitchfinancials.com/

Fat Pitch Financials is one man sharing his personal finance discoveries as he makes them, starting with the insights of Warren Buffett.

Getting Rich

15) Get Rich Slowly
URL: http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog

Get Rich Slowly - recently named most inspiring money blog by Money magazine - is devoted to sensible personal finance. Author J.D. Roth shares stories about debt elimination, saving money, and practical investing, as well as the latest on personal finance tools and articles.

16) Free Money Finance
URL: http://www.freemoneyfinance.com/

Free Money Finance is about one simple thing: growing your net worth. All financial topics are subsets of net worth, and this blog talks about them - but always with the goal in mind of increasing your net worth.

17) I Will Teach You To Be Rich
URL: http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blog/

I Will Teach You To Be Rich is a blog about personal finance, including banking, saving, budgeting and investing, as well as personal entrepreneurship.

Getting Out of Debt

18) Real Debt Help
URL: http://www.daveramsey.com/tdrs/

Real Debt Help is Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, offering common-sense money advice from one of America's leading financial counselors.

19) Consumerism Commentary
URL: http://www.consumerismcommentary.com/

Consumer Commentary blogger Flexo struggled with money problems after his undegraduate studies and decided to turn things around. He created this blog in 2003 in order to hold himself accountable for his finances.

20) Debt Smackdown
URL: http://www.debtsmackdown.com/

At the height of William Blake's credit addiction, he had over $10,000 in debt and no idea how he was going to pay it all off. He started Debt Smackdown as a way to share his experience and help you to be free of your debt.

21) I've Paid For This Twice Already
URL: http://www.paidtwice.com/

I’ve Paid For This Twice Already focuses on the realities of living in debt and the struggle and triumphs of getting out. Frugal living, budgeting, saving money, and finding ways to nickel and dime down your debt with positive results are the overall focus.

22) No Debt Plan
URL: http://www.nodebtplan.net/

A personal finance blog that helps you live a no debt lifestyle, No Debt Plan helps readers eliminate debt, learn how to budget and save, and move themselves towards financial freedom.

23) Free From Broke
URL: http://www.freefrombroke.com/

A married husband of two, living on one income in NYC, writes Free From Broke in order to contribute his thoughts and experiences on personal finance and getting out of debt.

24) Blogging Away Debt
URL: http://www.bloggingawaydebt.com/

Blogging Away Debt was born to help document one family's financial transformation. It provides a place where blogger Tricia goes to vent or to celebrate reaching a milestone with her debt payoff.

25) Carnival of Debt Reduction
URL: http://www.carnivalofdebtreduction.com/

The Carnival of Debt Reduction is a weekly blog carnival that highlights posts on getting out of debt. Personal debt reduction progress reports and posts about reducing debt are what this carnival is all about.

Bonus Blog: Thicken My Wallet
URL: http://www.thickenmywallet.com

Written by a recovering lawyer turned entrepreneur earnestly trying to thicken his wallet while musing on the greater personal finance world, small business and everything in between.

It's a Girl Thing

26) Simple Mom
URL: http://www.simplemom.net/

Simple Mom is a blog helping a mother of small children simplify her job. Topics include organization, family finances and the budget, frugality, making your home a haven, and taking care of yourself.

27) My Open Wallet
URL: http://www.myopenwallet.net/

An anonymous New Yorker tells the world how much money she earns, spends, and saves in My Open Wallet.

28) Girls Just Wanna Have Funds
URL: http://www.girlsjustwannahavefunds.com/

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is dedicated to the woman that wants to take charge of her personal finances, with articles that look at budgeting, investing, and frugality.

29) The Budgeting Babe
URL: http://budgetingbabe.blogspot.com/

The Budgeting Babe is a website dedicated to all the young, working women who want to spend like Carrie in a Jimmy Choo store but have a budget closer to Roseanne.

30) Fabulous Financials
URL: http://fabulousfinancials.com/

Fabulous Financials is the journey of a "fabulous single mom" pursuing financial independence.

31) Boston Gal's Open Wallet
URL: http://www.bostongals.com/

This blog is the ongoing chronicle of a single 30-something Bostonian who is seeking enlightenment and control of her net worth.

32) An English Major's Money
URL: http://englishmajormoney.blogspot.com/

She's a 24-year-old '06 college graduate working an entry-level job in New York, and she's trying to figure out her finances so that she can have fun and a future. This blog is her story.

It's a Guy Thing

33) Frugal Dad
URL: http://frugaldad.com

Frugal Dad was created as a resource for the average family to find financial resources with a conservative slant.

34) Lazy Man and Money
URL: http://www.lazymanandmoney.com/

Lazy Man and Money is one man's journal exploring how he can save money and make more money. It covers topics such as: banking, budgeting, career, credit, debt, entrepreneurship, investing, taxes, real estate, insurance, spending, retirement, and estate planning.

35) Clever Dude Personal Finance
URL: http://cleverdude.com/

Clever Dude Personal Finance provides tips, advice and personal opinion on managing money, investing, and taxes.

36) Single Guy Money
URL: http://www.singleguymoney.com/

Since he's been blogging, this Single Guy has been able to pay off over $40,000 in debt. Follow him along on his journey of debt reduction and increasing assets.

How To Save

37) Being Frugal
URL: http://beingfrugal.net/

Being Frugal is a blog about debt repayment and frugal living, specifically about the struggle to pay off student loans and credit cards.

38) Mighty Bargain Hunter
URL: http://www.mightybargainhunter.com/

Although his training is outside of the financial world, Mighty Bargain Hunter's John enjoys talking about saving money, finding deals, living frugally, making money, and investing, as well as current events in the financial world.

39) Almost Frugal
URL: http://almostfrugal.com/

Kelly, looking for answers just like you, writes Almost Frugal to share her journey towards frugality as well as any tips she finds along the way.

40) Budgets Are Sexy
URL: http://www.budgetsaresexy.com/

Budgets are Sexy is a blog about how budgets, goals, and personal finance can be super sexy! J. Money shares ideas that will help to motivate others in this whole adventure as well.

41) How I Save Money
URL: http://howisavemoney.net/

A struggling college student who is operating on a very tight budget writes this blog about finding creative ways to save money.

42) Smart Spending
URL: http://blogs.moneycentral.msn.com/smartspending/

Smart Spending combines the best money-saving tips from MSN Money and the rest of the Web.

43) Stop Buying Crap
URL: http://www.stopbuyingcrap.com/

One morning, author Cap woke up and found himself with over $10,000 in credit card debt - and he was not even of legal drinking age. Stop Buying Crap is his blog about personal finance, tips, and tools he learned along his way out of debt.

Finance with a Purpose

44) Christian Personal Finance
URL: http://www.christianpf.com/

Christian Personal Finance is dedicated to helping you save your money, make more of it, learn how to grow it and have a blast giving it away.

45) QueerCents
URL: http://www.queercents.com/

Queercents is a syndicate of personal finance writers serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Through their writings, they are dedicated to helping you lead a moneyed life.

46) Generation X Finance
URL: http://genxfinance.com/

Generation X Finance was created in late 2006 as a means for discussing financial issues that are important to this unique generation. The primary focus is to help people get debt under control, establish a successful career, and begin to accumulate wealth.

47) Keeping the Kingdom First
URL: http://www.kingdomfirstmom.com/

Keeping the Kingdom First is a mom's personal finance blog discussing faith, family and frugality. Join her on her journey to save more and give more, one coupon at a time.

All About Credit

48) No Credit Needed
URL: http://ncnblog.com

No Credit Needed is a personal finance blog which deals with personal finance, debt reduction, credit cards, saving money, and retirement investing.

49) Credit Repair
URL: http://beatlandscreditrepair.com/

If you're looking for credit repair topics that will lead to debt free living then Credit Repair is the blog for you. It provides a wide variety of credit and debt advice, including student loan consolidation, unsecured debt consolidation loans plus much more.

50) Taking Charge
URL: http://blogs.creditcards.com/

They're the pieces of plastic we love, and love to hate. Get the latest news, tips, research and more from the this CreditCards blog.


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