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You're not just another Entrepreneur.

And let's not make light of your pursuit with simple titles like Business Owner, CEO, or even Head Honcho of your Inc.

You're an Inspired Warrior on a vital journey, Commanding Zealot in your crusade, and Radical Ruler of your own Empire.

You're Chief Believer on a momentous quest.

A quest to make things better for your life. For your family. For your community. For the world.

That's why you've searched far and wide and found your way here. You Believe that you can change the world with your business. And I Believe in you too. World-changing believing entrepreneurs like you are meant to be doing what you're good at. What you're passionate about. What you love.

And when you're focused on what you love, you can sometimes get a little lost. You take a wrong turn and end up somewhere you didn't expect. It can trip you up... and all of a sudden you’re stuck not moving when you don't know how to get somewhere or who to turn to for advice.

I know, because I’ve been there. When I first started my business I made all the wrong moves and almost gave up.

Don't let getting stuck on some little thing you’re not good at keep you from doing what you’re GREAT at.

Don’t give up on changing the world.

I have developed a solution to get you back and moving on your quest. This is your map, your plan, a Believer's strategy-made-simple that lays it all out for you.

Zhuge is your guide.

Each zhuge has step-by-step instructions that show you what to do and where to go. Every single one of them is full of wisdom, templates, samples, and/or directions that let you work faster and easier to make significant progress in your pursuit to entrepreneuruial success.

This is the guide that I wish someone had made for me.

I want it to be easier for you, so you can take these lessons and move past your problem points and get to the life-changing work you’re meant to do.



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